Basic mindsets on securing scholarship abroad

  1. Scholarship is not necessarily for the most intelligent, it is for the most informed and the smartest.
  2. There is no rigid rule for any scholarship, your ability to convince them can make them wave some requirements.
  3. Sending emails to Professors in different schools around the world is a faster and better way of getting a scholarship than applying for a general scholarship.
  4. Your writing skills are the most important in any scholarship application. Your voice is much more important than your face.
  5. A high undergraduate CGPA is good, but an average CGPA with a good research background, work experience, and volunteering work will make you better convince a Professor.
  6. Learning how to construct a good motivation letter and email is a skill that cannot be over-emphasized.
  7. There are always internal protocols to admissions in any University that are not necessarily stated on the website. Hence, your ability to get information from people in the school of your choice is a Key factor in getting the admission/funding.
  8. The scholarship journey is not necessarily for the intelligent, it is for people who can fail many times and still stand up. You will get a lot of rejections. Be prepared for that But, one success will make you forget one million failure.
  9. Make sure you have various options in different schools and countries by doing thorough research. 90% of people who got admission/scholarship do not get it in their most preferred schools.

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