Practical Steps On How To Search For Schools That Offer Your Course.

Many people still don’t understand the process of searching for their desired postgraduate course online and apply.

Get a chilled Coke, Grab your seat, and unwind this thread­čžÁ:

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Step 1: Open the website:, and you will see so many features. You can search for the course you want from the search bar. You can also search for Universities by countries as shown below:

Step 2: If you clicked North America, for example, in the image above, you will see the countries below:

Step 3: If you clicked the United States in the image above, you will see the number of schools in different states as shown below:

Step 4: If you clicked Georgia (53) in the above image, you will see the names of the 53 schools in Georgia as shown below:

Step 5: If you clicked Georgia Institute of Technology in the image above, you will see a quick description of the school. You can read it if you like.

Step 6: If you scroll down the page above, you will see the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the school as shown below:

You can then scroll up to click the name of the school again, which will then take you to the main website of the school.

Step 7: If your course is related to Science and Engineering, as shown above, you are sure of getting your course in that school.

This is why the above step is important.

Step 8: The main school website is shown below:

You are mostly concerned with the ‘Academics’ and ‘Admissions’ as shown below:

Step 9: If you clicked Admissions in the image above, you can then click ‘prospective students’.

Look for admission requirements, majors and degrees, and other kinds of stuff.

Remember that you are sure you can get your course since you already saw Science and Technology.

Step 10: If you clicked Majors and degrees in the image above, you can then check for your courses based on the program as shown below:

Step 11: If you clicked the Master’s degree from the above image, you will see all masters degree programs.

All the courses under science are shown below.

Step 12: If you clicked Chemistry in the image above, you will be redirected to the Chemistry Page of the school as shown below:

Step 13: Since you are looking for funding, it is wise to first look at all the Names of all lecturers in the Chemistry department and their research interests. So, you can click ‘People’ as shown above.

By Clicking ‘People’, click ‘Faculty’ as shown below.

..The Faculty members are the lecturers involve in teaching and research. They have the funding you need if you can convince them.

Step 14: The image below shows all the Faculty members in the department. Your job is to click each profile and see the ones that align with your interest or background.

Also, you may not necessarily have the background. But you can see any of the research you may like.

Step 15: As shown below, you can see the research interest of this Lecturer (they are usually called Faculty) and also his email address.

If his interest aligns with yours, take the time to read about him and his research, then send him a good email.

Step 16: Go to, search for the name of this Professor on this website to see his latest publications.

You will see the image below:

Step 17: Copy the title of any of the publications in the image above and paste it in the search bar of this link:

It will give you the pdf copy of the publication which you can download for free.

See an example below:


Step 18: Read 2-3 of the Professor’s paper, then send an email to him/her using the idea I explained in these posts

Also, use the format I explained here to write the email:

Note: If your postgraduate study is not by research, you may not need to send the email. You can just apply directly using the application page.

Step 19: If the Professor says he has funding for you and that you should apply, then, you have higher chances of admission+funding.

Step 20: Repeat the above steps for different schools in different countries. This will enable you to send as many emails as possible.

Persistence and doggedness is required in this journey because the competition is stiff.

I hope with these steps, you are able to search for as many schools as possible.


Note: This is just one of the numerous ways of searching for schools.


Take time to read and digest the process.

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