Important Notes on Emails to Professors.

Based on the questions I have received from my inbox as a result of my earlier posts, let me say these:

1. Not all courses and schools require that you contact professors before getting funding.

Many schools in the USA/Canada/Australia just require that you fill out a form to know where you best fit. They can then link you to a potential supervisor.

2. You can get funding from a school WITHOUT contacting supervisors. Just check the admission requirements
3. Your undergraduate thesis and job experience do not necessarily need to align with the supervisor’s active research. You just need to read his/her research and demonstrate that you understand exactly what you want to do.
4. For Msc by taught (Usually in UK and others), you don’t need to get in touch with any supervisor, just get the admission and scholarship (either from your home country or a foreign body). You will be linked to supervisors when you get there.
5. Sending emails to supervisors is one of the surest and fastest ways to get MSc and PhD fundings(check my tweet on why you need to send emails in case you missed it).

6. If you want to do a post-graduate degree that is entirely different from your undergraduate,
you will have to convince the admission committee when writing your motivation statement/statement of purpose. Also, when sending emails, you have to prove that you have done some background studies(maybe online courses). This route is hard, but not impossible.
7. If you have HND instead of BSc, you can still get fully funded scholarship for MSc and PhD (Watch out for a post on this).

8. Finally, we can only give you tips, you need to sit and search for yourself to discover so many things.

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