These are the components of an academic CV.

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Look at this format below, write your academic CV and send a screenshot.

I will review some and comment.

So let’s go:

What ACADEMIC CV should include:

📍Your Name (As written on your International passport)

📍Linkedin link, Email address, and Phone number

📍The first column should be your Education

(It should include name of school, name of course, name of supervisor, your research topic and related courses you did in school).

Use Times Roman or Calibri or whatever font and be consistent with it. (Font size: 10.5, 11,12)

N.B: For sub headings you can use 14, Times Roman. Let your dates align including the date format. e.g (November 2023- December 2023) or (Nov 2023- Dec 2023). Every information should be dated.

📍Continuing Education (Courses you are doing on either coursera, Udemy, etc)

📍Research Experience

For example,
©️Your Undergraduate work e.g I conducted research in blah blah.

©️I assisted in conducting blah blah ( especially if you helped someone in his or her research or something).

©️I reviewed literature review on two or three papers e.t.c

N.B : You can go online to look for papers to review.

📍Teaching Experience
You can volunteer if you don’t have a teaching experience. This experience is very important if you want a teaching assistantship.

📍Professional Experience
You can enroll for an internship, volunteer ( you are increasing your bank of knowledge). But it should not be written as a volunteer role.

📍Publications ( if you have papers fine if not, leave it blank. If it is in review, you can write submitted for review and it should have been published before getting into graduate school).

(You can attend conferences , you can log in for few minutes and log out, you don attend😂. It should be conferences and / or seminars related to what you want to study)

📍Honours and Awards
If you are the overall best student in Nursery school, include it. No award is too small🥺)

📍Technical skills ( skills you know how to use very well)

N.B : There are certain things you can include in your CV with the mindset that you will learn them before resuming or before you are invited for an interview. Learn those basic skill(s).

📍Professional Membership, Association(s) you joined during your program

📍Volunteering Experience (It is very very important)

📍Leadership Experience

N.B : To make your academic CV , a very strong one you [can ] attach an hyperlink to everything mentioned in your CV [ Use Google drive to generate a link]. Example: Your certificate, Your transcript, Your continuing Education certificate e.t.c.


1. Use Quillbot and Grammarly to check for errors.

2. Don’t reveal your weakness to the admissions committee. If your CGPA is not very good, don’t add it.

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