If you have been actively following me for the last few months, you must have comfortably sent many emails to many prospective supervisors using the ideas in my several posts.

Now, this is the time to be smart so as not to waste a lot of money in paying for the Application fee.

We all know that most schools will ask you to pay for Application fees ranging from $60-$120, and you may be confused about which school to apply to, having sent various emails and received various replies.

The kind of replies you get will determine exactly which school to apply to.

These are some ideas:

  1. Check the Application page of the school to be sure if they waive the application fee or not. If it’s not clear, please send an email to the Graduate coordinator.
  2. If you get a reply asking you to apply and then get back to the proposed supervisor after admission, make sure you ask about funding options so as to be clear. Some professors do not explicitly state this in their reply. You need to ask so as not to ‘waste’ your money.
  3. Some will tell you to get back at a particular date. Make sure you get back at that time by replying the email. It does not mean that you can automatically get funding.
  4. Some will just comment on your CV or research experience, and may ask you to send some extra documents. Make sure you do that so as to be sure.
  5. Some will tell you they have some partial funding. Please make a research to find out how much extra money you need to have in order to survive. Check the school’s page and look for past students in the school on LinkedIn.
  6. Until you are comfortably sure that a supervisor is offering you some funding, do not assume you have funding, just because you have exchanged a lot of emails between yourselves. This is so crucial, unless, of course, you have the money.
  7. Some schools will tell you that you do not necessarily need to contact a supervisor, you can apply, and then, they can merge your application to a supervisor. Kindly still look for supervisors and let he/she knows you want to apply.
  8. If you have not gotten any reply, please make sure you send more emails. You need to send atleast 30 emails to be sure you have ‘just started’ 🤣😉.

Remember, Scholarship is not for the faint-hearted.

Your consistency must be updated daily.

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