Make sure that your final year project is innovative and publishable.

I know that this may not be possible because we recycle projects in Africa. However, make sure you are updated in that research area. You can do this by downloading the latest materials in that field using, or You don’t need to necessarily understand the technicalities, you just need an idea that will help you better write a professor.

Most generous research funding and scholarships are usually research-based.

Learn how to write emails to Professors.

First, your email address has to contain a combination of your names without numbers. E.g: [email protected](wrong), [email protected](correct).

Also, note that the content of the email is not usually specific, but some things must be written to convince the professor. You can start writing emails immediately after your graduation or during NYSC (for Nigerians).

Start getting your documents.

The first document is Int’l passport, because you will need it to write English tests and other exams(I will do a thread to explain these documents).

  1. Questions:
  2. Must I write emails to a professor to get a scholarship?
  3. How do I write an email that can get a good reply from a professor?
  4. What are the contents of a good email?
  5. What if I don’t get a reply, what can I do?
  6. What if he/she doesn’t have funding?

Answers: Stay tuned. I will answer theseĀ  NEXT POST

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