Examples of Email to a Professor.

We discussed why you need to write an email to a Professor in your field and some guidelines. Kindly check my previous post if you missed it.

Now, I will post two examples of emails from the mentorship group hosted by my friend and I
..(some contents are altered for privacy). Your job is to tell me which email is better and why?

If you can correctly do this, it means you have been following my post long enough and can send emails comfortably.

Let’s get started…

First Email:

Subject: MSc Research in Geophysics

Dear Prof., XYZ,

(Paragraph 1)

I am Ngozi Dada, I hold a BSc in Applied Geophysics in Nigeria. During my undergraduate studies, I had the privilege of carrying out a basin analysis and petroleum evaluation of an oil field..
..in France.

(Paragraph 2)

I encountered your papers on reservoir characterization and petroleum geophysics and I found them to be very resourceful. They were categorical in literature reviews and quantitative formulations.

(Paragraph 3)

Prof, I desire to be your student for MSc research to become a valuable asset in the global energy demand and academic advancement in my country. Many thanks for your time. Yours sincerely,
Ngozi Dada.


Second Email:

Subject: Prospective Masters Student: Fall 2020

Dear Prof., XYZ,

(Paragraph 1)

I am Jasmine Folorunsho, a medical graduate of the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. My undergraduate project on ”Title of the project” exposed me to some level of
research in epidemiology. I am seeking your supervision as a graduate student of the Masters in xxx for the Fall 2020 program.

(Paragraph 2)

I was captivated by your most cited work on Google scholar ( ”Title of the paper” -2015) and I admire the level of scrutiny done to
select the data sources used, the details on its limitations and the prospective cumulative effect on health policies to address obesity in Canada. I would like to know if any study was done to compare the prevalence of obesity in 2019 as predicted in your study.

I also went through one of your most recent studies – ”Title of the paper-2018” and I think the participants considered the number of cardiovascular comorbidities and impact on daily activities as the most important
factors in prioritizing for surgery because of their level of awareness about them and the direct effect these have on daily life.

(Paragraph 3)

I would like to know if you are accepting MSc students for the Fall 2021 term. Please my CV has been attached. I look forward to hearing from you. I can also call you via skype to further discuss if you don’t mind.

Yours Sincerely,
Jasmine Folrunsho

Question: If you are the Supervisor, who will you accept? Ngozi or Jasmine?



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